Guest Book

I welcome your greetings please be nice!

Lothar said on August 7th, 2006:
Hello again Dudey.

When does this band of yours take it to the road? I`ve got som bad ass banging to unleashBesides, how about some lyrics posted on the net? I need some pure, dedicated hard rockin` Norwegian lingua morta to sustain this far to sunny summer.

Ciao from Lothar

Lightning I said on May 15th, 2006:
Hey guys please dont stop making music. Yor music which is kind of mixture of black metal and 70s progressive rock is highly original. I love most of these bands that you have as influences. I also love Wobbler so i believe this band will be fantastic also. cheers

Fast Martin said on May 6th, 2006:
Hail mighty muscians!

Its quite good that music of yours! Play for hounour and slay the dumbasses of tomorrow


Lothar said on May 5th, 2006:
Hey Dude
Very interesting music, both hard and mellow. Keep up the good work!

Geir Arne said on April 21st, 2006:
Its a great honour to be the first to sign this guestbook. Good luck with In Lingua Mortua, Lars. And must this guestbook receive less spam than Wobblers.